Pray For Revivals!

On this page, the Revival Radio TV team encourages you to leave a comment below with your scripture with which you are praying for revival.

Peoria Arizona – Fresh Start Church | Paul and Kim Owens

They had a dynamic outpouring of the Spirit that started nearly 6 years ago and began in the Youth.  They have been going after it ever since.  While they have not really done the “extended meetings,” there is a continuous dynamic power of God present EVERY TIME they come together because they are committed to […]

Saturate OC – Jessi and Parker Green

In the midst of Covid, they began hosting revival gatherings on the beaches up and down the coast of CA and the Spirit of God broke up with power. This continued through the end of the year, as they hosted a Tent Revival in Orange county… and each night, the power of God was present, […]

The Ramp – Hamilton AL – Karen Wheaton

They have been going for over 20 years, one of the most significant youth ministries on the planet, but I believe the Lord has elevated them into a whole new realm of glory, presence, and revival. One sign is they have expanded from Hamilton, AL to now, having a base/presence in Cleveland TN (the Omega Center […]

Dawsonville GA – North GA Revival | Todd and Karen Smith

3 YEARS OF THE NORTH GEORGIA REVIVA We’ve seen the Lord move in such a powerful way since He showed up in February of 2018 and this is just the beginning. Watch as we look back at the past 3 YEARS to see how God has moved in this place. Website:

Dean Sikes on hearing God

Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Dean Sikes about Words and hearing God. Dean Sikes gets real talking about what followed his personal experiences. Airs 08-06