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California Get Ready! The very ground I am standing on vibrates from an impending visitation of God. The sky above me churns with the sound of an abundance of rain.

John Thurman Field will become ground zero for the GLORY. The tent goes up on April 18th. It will be twice the size of our old tent. This time, we are not just inviting the addict, the gangbanger, the homeless, and everyone in between—this time we going out to get them and bring them in ourselves.

With all the terrible events we see today—despite all the wickedness of evil government—God has set the time and the place of His vengeance on the devils in infesting California. Never mind the depravity of our cultural elites and the ruling class. If God is for us—nothing can be against us!

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  • Pastor Matthew Garris says:

    Just getting started in Revival I know all that God has called me to be an evangelist God is preparing me for 20 years for such a time as this he just gave me the go-ahead to get moving so I have been looking for a tent I know that maybe we’ll never be as big as Mario Murillo but it’s up to God and what he wants to do I’m very interested in your messages you invited one time on Victory Channel that you have messages for us to be able to use to help I would sure like to get ahold of those messages can you send them to me please? My email address is Garrism55@

  • Pastor Matthew Garris says:

    I have been watching flash point since November 2020. I have been transformed but what I have seen on Victory Channel I sit in on the teachings I watch a lot of wood Victor channel has to offer I have been a businessman now for 27 years I work in Africa for 17 years work with Holocaust Survivors for 3 years and Israel I got cancer in 2008 and God delivered me from it I got to spend so much healing power in my life God is good I started off in life about as it as much as Mario Murillo’s life was God is already bringing young Christian men off the street to me to minister to but has been such a rewarding time for me but it is time for these young men to begin to preach the gospel I want them the ones that have been pulled off the streets and I want to teach them to be a evangelist I want to give them a jump start and then move them out with their own tent and with her own plan I have been so totally amazed at what God has done for me in the last few months this time that most of the country has been paralyzed God has did nothing but bring me from being paralyzed it has been a long drive. For me and now God is launching me forward I am very glad that I have been able to have Victory Channel especially Flashpoint

  • William Blanton says:

    Praying with world wide “SMALL Prayer Groups”, Praying in Unison, MAY 1, 2021, @ 12 NOON, EASTERN TIME USA. TIME ZONE. PRAY TOGETHER FOR. RRVIVAL, REPENTAMCE, RENEWAL.
    JOIN WITH OTHERS around the world In the power of unified Prayer.
    Amen. A Helping Hand Ministries, 760-891-6942

  • Carolyn Tallent says:

    Love your preaching!!! If all ministers were as bold as you many more souls would be saved and our churches would be filled to capacity. Thank you for your loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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