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Upcoming Revivals


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Lewis & Rachel Hogan
United Cry Founders
Phone: 817-528-9117

Direct from the United Cry newsletter join with this awesome team in prayer for revival!

“On Monday, December 27 a small team of us drove to Brady, Texas. On the drive we talked about the history of revival in Texas and what we are believing God to do on April 9th in Brady. We talked about what we need to do to prepare and the call of the Nehemiah moment. Once we arrived at Richards Park in Brady, Tx., our mandate was clear — we were to walk and pray over the land. As we walked and prayed, a peace settled over our hearts. This was the spot. The pictures below show the structure, the trees, and part of the field that will host this event. Even more important, we received a clear word that we were to have pre-prayer events at this location. On February 5th and March 5 we will be taking prayer and worship teams to prepare the place. This past Monday, we ended our time with prayer and worship. Even though it was just our small team there, the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit was in our midst. During the month of January, our prayer alerts are going to center on the Texas revivals of the past with key prayer points of what we are believing for in Brady. Our prayer alerts will also include “Nehemiah moments” which will be updates on what we are in need of and what prayers have been answered. We invite you to pray over these alerts and join with us in preparing for Praying at the Heart of Texas on April 9th in Brady, Texas. To God be the Glory!”

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