Mobilize…Activate…Deploy! We are at a flashpoint where something is about to explode. Would you like to impact what happens?

I was talking with Mario Murillo. He was doing crusades and I was researching for Revival Radio TV. It was like what are we doing this for? If we don’t take care of this, will we have church? Will we have Crusades? As we watched Christian freedoms being shut down, it was like something needs to be done. Many Christians are waiting on God to send down revival, but God is waiting on the Church to rise up.

Flashpoint of Revival will prepare you to:

  • Step into the season of acceleration
  • Boldly take a stand for righteousness in the face of opposition
  • Gain strength through intimacy with the Lord
  • Intercede for your city
  • Gain heaven’s strategies for your circle of influence
  • Raise your voice for truth in our land

The alarm has sounded. You were made for battle. You can do this. Dare to rise up and Be The One. What are you waiting for?