Revival Radio TV: Is There Not A Cause?

Today, Dr. Gene Bailey and Greg Stephens discusses the fact that there is a cause for the Gospel and a need to win the lost. They talk about how David fought Goliath because he felt there was a cause greater than just the battle. RRTV_240714 Check out our latest episode!

Revival Radio TV: John Winthrop & America’s Call to be a “City on a Hill”

Dr. Gene Bailey discusses the John Winthrop sermon titled “A Model of Christian Charity.” He explores how this sermon, based on the Sermon on the Mount and the idea of a “City Upon a Hill,” influenced the founding of America, Presidents, politicians, and Christians throughout the country. RRTV_240707_RR Check out our latest episode!

Revival Radio TV: George Washington – “The Christian”

Dr. Gene Bailey explores how George Washington’s faith help rescue and shape a new nation called the “United States of America.” George Washington truly is an example of someone who chose to step up and “be the one” in his generation. He was a man who followed God, and because of that God used him […]

Revival Radio TV: Mount Ebal & The Curse Tablet

Could it be the greatest find of the century? Learn about one of the greatest archeological discoveries in our time as Dr. Gene Bailey talks with Scott Stripling about the Mount Ebal “Curse Tablet.” RRTV 240623 Check out our latest episode!

Revival Radio TV: Biblical Evidence

Dr. Gene Bailey discusses items found by Archaeologist Scott Stripling and others that provides direct evidence to the validity of the Bible. RRTV_240616 Check out our latest episode!

Revival Radio TV: Love and the Power of Unity

On this episode, Dr. Gene Bailey talks with Billye Brim about Clyde Mcgee and old-time Pentecostals stories and the need for unity in the body of Christ. She talks about John G Lake’s wife, the Blackwoods, the Ellis family and the Azusa Street Revival. RRTV_240526 Check out our latest episode!

Revival Radio TV: A Be The One Story of Satellite Pioneer Clyde McGee

Dr. Gene Bailey explores the story of Clyde McGee, one man who following the leading of the Holy Spirit to help develop the first Geosynchronous Satellite, which enabled Kenneth Copeland Ministries to host the first ever worldwide communion service. Join Dr. Gene Bailey as he gains insights from both Billye Brim and Kenneth Copeland about […]

Revival Radio TV: Ministry Revelations

Dr. Gene Bailey listens to insider stories from Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle, founders of Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle Ministries, respectively. Check out our latest episode!